Stunt Co-ordinator/Performer


Professional JISC Stunt Co-ordinator/Performer for 21 years,
Enthusiastic team member with the ability to think outside of the box to create an
imaginative and exciting product.
Advanced Health and Safety Risk Assesment Certificate.
Able to communicate with all departments. Skilled Script interpretation and breakdown. 100% safety record.
Steen is a professional Entertainer/Actor with experience in Stage, Television

and Films for 30 years.
Appeared in over 500 professional productions.
Motion capture Co-ordinator/Performer in 30 computer games.

Latest Qualifications:  

Operator Tickets in: A17 Telescopic  Handler,  3A Scissor Lift and 3B Genie (cherry pickers)

Awards :

Winner - World Taurus Award for fights in Dark Knight.

SAG Awards 2014, Game of Thrones, Winner-best Stunt Ensemble in a Tv Series
Honours Screen Actors Guild award for Robin hood.
Nominated Screen Actors Guild Award for Les Miserables,
Scottish Martial Arts Champion

Guinness Book of Records for Fire


Stunt Coordinator:

Pegasus Bridge - Feature Film

Slumber - Feature Film

Gone to Far - Feature Film

Talking to the Dead  - TV Series

Jack Ryan - Feature Film

World Taurus Stunt Awards
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