Stunt Co-ordinator/Performer


Professional JISC Stunt Co-ordinator/Performer for 22 years,
Enthusiastic team member with the ability to think outside of the box to create an
imaginative and exciting product. Full  Health and Safety  portfolio including level 3 x Risk Assesment Certificate. 3 Day first aid certificate. 
Able to communicate with all departments. Skilled Script interpretation and breakdown. 100% safety record.
Steen is a professional Entertainer/Actor with experience in Stage, Television

and Films for 30 years.
Appeared in over 500 professional productions.
Motion capture Co-ordinator/Performer in 30 computer games.

Latest Qualifications:  

Operator Tickets in: A17 Telescopic  Handler,  3A Scissor Lift and 3B Genie (cherry pickers) 3 Day First Aid  Qualified

Awards :

Winner - World Taurus Award for fights in Dark Knight.

SAG Awards 2014, Game of Thrones, Winner-best Stunt Ensemble in a Tv Series
Honours Screen Actors Guild award for Robin hood.
Nominated Screen Actors Guild Award for Les Miserables,
Scottish Martial Arts Champion

Guinness Book of Records for Fire


Stunt Coordinator:

The Death & Life of John F Donovan - Feature Film

Rogue One - Feature Film

Pegasus Bridge - Feature Film

Slumber - Feature Film

Gone to Far - Feature Film

Talking to the Dead  - TV Series

Jack Ryan - Feature Film

World Taurus Stunt Awards
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