A Discovery of Witches - TV
His Dark Materials - TV

Rogue One - Feature Film

Pegasus Bridge - Feature Film

Slumber - Feature Film

Gone to Far - Feature Film

Talking to the Dead  - TV 

Jack Ryan - Feature Filmm



Stunt Equipment - Steen Young

Equipment that we can bring to a production: Crash Mats, Trampette, Springboard, Fire equipment including Excellerant, Nomex fire suits, Nomex underwear, Zel Gel and Fire Extinguishers.

Air rams, Air bags, Ratchets and Blank firing weapons to achieve those dynamic action sequences.

We can supply or recommend the best Stunt Wire riggers, action vehicles & other professional skilled specialists to get the job done.


Air Bags

Car Jump Ramp & Pipe Ramp

Pod Car

Rib Boat

Helmets & Hans Device - Racing Seats & Harnesses 

Crash Mats / Stunt Boxes

Fire Equipment

Air Rams & Ratchets

Jerk Vests / Swivel & Giro Harnesses 

Trampette / Springboard

Stunt Decks

Blank Firing Weapons

Rehearsal & Performance Weapons 

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