A Discovery of Witches - TV
His Dark Materials - TV

Rogue One - Feature Film

Pegasus Bridge - Feature Film

Slumber - Feature Film

Gone to Far - Feature Film

Talking to the Dead  - TV 

Jack Ryan - Feature Filmm



Computer Games - Steen Young

Steen has appeared and coordinated 30 motion capture games. Has a very good understanding of Motion Capture and a wealth of experience to acheave the project within a schedule and budget.

Steen is a weapons expert and martial arts champion, ability to use oriental weapons,  Highly experienced in period weapons including double swords, staff, pike, axe-shield and archery.

Experienced with all firearms, hand guns, rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers.

Rope work, abseiling from buildings and helicopters. 

Driving army vehicles including: Abbot gun and Cheftain Tank.

Circus skills: professional dancer and acrobatiics, unicycle, high & static trapeze, wire walking, juggling,

Stilts including bouncy and tall, ball walking, web spinning and whip cracking.


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